Posted by: devonteacherblog | March 7, 2012

Relax after a manic day

A lovely bike ride along the canal after a manic day. Teaching isn’t always paperwork, marking, planning and pulling your hair out. But today it was.


After clearing my head I am ready to start fresh tomorrow.

Even when the workload is building up it is SO important to give yourself a break. Leave the books until tomorrow, they will get marked. The forever growing to-do list shall never go away. When you tick off a job, 5 more appear. When you learn this, you learn to prioritise and GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK.

Enjoy a bike ride, a walk or a drink at your local one night in the week (at least!). Get out of the house! The books can be marked tomorrow….maybe!



  1. I think learning how to relax effectively needs to be emphasised or educated within the school environment. Theres so much emphasis on working that we seem to get lost in a fast paced lifestyle and constantly evolving lists. Love the piccies, partial to a bit of black and white photography 🙂

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