Posted by: devonteacherblog | September 23, 2012

Self directed learning?

“Miss, you really should have some seeds in the garden role play area” says the 5 year old to me on Monday.

Tuesday I bring in seeds. The child is pleased with this and I explain to her that later on in choosing time I might choose her and some friends to plant some.

Later, on Tuesday (during choosing time), she comes up to me and says “Miss, I’ve had an accident. I’ve spilt the seeds all over the carpet.” I have not yet given the seeds to the child (she has taken it upon herself to remove them from my desk!). She shows me the area where she has spilt the millions of tiny cress seeds which are now ingrained in the lines of the carpet. She apologises and I explain to her that next time she must ask to take something from my desk. Her and a friend then plant the seeds using the compost and plant pots in the role play area.

At home time whilst giving out letters for the children to put in to their book bags I notice that she has removed the plant pot (full with compost and cress seeds), placed it next to her book bag and labelled it with her name using a post-it note. “You’re not taking this home are you?” I ask. “Yes, it’s mine.” She states. Oh dear.

Wednesday (after explaining to her the day before that the plant pots, compost and seeds are to share and therefore need to stay in school) I catch her “watering” (drowning) the plant pot with a full watering can. Other children mimic this and begin “watering” the compost in the role play area until it is practically flooded.

Thursday I remove the watering cans.

Friday I come in to school and my teaching assistant points out to me that the child’s cress has grown very well in her plant pot – but that we also have shoots of cress growing across the whole of the role play garden. I am guessing the cress was also spilt in the compost and their excessive watering actually helped them to grow.

Saturday I slept.



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